David Kiger leverages his skills and experience as the founder, chairman, and CEO of Worldwide Express to offer guidance to emerging entrepreneurs. David Kiger has built a growing audience among small business owners who appreciate his online advice on practical topics that affect their day-to-day bottom line. As someone who brought his own business back from a logistical crisis when his major partner cut North American operations, David Kiger understands the value of flexibility, focus, and commitment to pursuing a goal. Worldwide Express, which was built from an initial investment of $5,000, now serves as a key business partner to UPS and possesses responsibility for freight shipping more than 10 million packages annually.

David Kiger’s blog will offer insight into best business practices for companies of all sizes. The wide-ranging topics addressed will reflect his diverse professional interests and desire to give other entrepreneurs the benefit of his hard-won knowledge. On this blog, David Kiger’s posts will cover everything from abstract business theory to news with immediate practical applications for busy executives and their team members.

In addition, the blog will feature successful businesses and their leaders both past and present, including everyone from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates. The blog will also emphasize best business practices as described by both contemporary thought leaders and by-their-bootstraps entrepreneurs, who have gained practical knowledge through experiencing multiple challenges. David Kiger’s posts will spotlight emerging trends in business that include everything from technological innovations to tips on hiring and developing staff, outsourcing options, and techniques for boosting profits.
The posts will not focus solely on North America. While some of the most exciting developments in business happen in the United States, an international focus can allow for a wider range of ideas. Readers who study events taking place in the banking centers of Europe or the emerging markets of Asia, Africa, and the rest of the developing world will gain a perspective that can assist them in making real-time profit and loss business decisions.

For the benefit of its readers, a business blog today needs to emphasize technological, social, and cultural developments, constantly redefining how companies operate. These pages will cover topics such as social media, information technology, and data-mining in the most efficient and profitable ways possible.

David Kiger’s particular interests include defining the qualities that all successful entrepreneurs have in common and showing new business owners how they can develop the same traits in themselves. On this blog, David Kiger’s posts will emphasize learning how the most gifted and influential business leaders think, plan, strategize, and even dream in order to reach their goals. Another major focus area will be leadership, which goes together with the ability to develop and motivate staff. What characteristics do true leaders share, and how do they keep their teams on track to achieve the highest levels of performance possible? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, how can this generation of entrepreneurs learn these lessons and apply them to the distinctive set of problems they confront in today’s shifting business landscape?

Welcome to a central information hub where you can receive an informal education in all of these topics and more.