The importance of the Supply Chain Manager

One of the most important concepts for different today’s companies around the world is the supply chain management, also known as SCM. Thanks to this working way, organizations can plan, execute and control everything around their inventories, and supply activities, with the main purpose of giving to their customers the products what they want, how they need them and in the right moment. With the Supply Chain Management, companies not only give to their clients what they require but also makes them more efficient and effective to satisfy users’ demands.

It is important to say, that the Supply Chain Management is transversal to all the operations of the company related to inventories and stocking tasks. In other words, through this thinking, organizations can plan and control every activity that goes from the providers to the storing actions, so companies can adapt in a better way all their processes, giving to their customers more benefits and delivery times. Moreover, if a particular business can apply the SCM working way and manage all that this methodology proposes, it will have most optimal processes and procedures.

For applying what the Supply Chain Management brings, there is a very fundamental role in companies: the Supply Chain Manager. Thanks to this figure, organizations can operate more orderly and effectively every action related to the provision and the supply activities within the organization. In addition, the Supply Chain Manager is the person responsible for monitoring and supervising all these tasks so the company can adapt in a proper way the Supply Chain Management approach.

The Supply Chain Manager

As we mentioned, the Supply Chain Manager is the person who is responsible for watching and supervising all the supplying and storing activities in a particular organization. However, this person has other vital tasks for letting companies be more productive and effective for satisfying customers’ demands. One of the most important jobs for the Supply Chain Manager is to join into a single process all those activities related to the provision and inventories stocking in companies so they could be controlled and managed easier and better.

Another fundamental task for a Supply Chain Manager is to have all the information related to every delivery or supplying activity so it can know the status of it and how it is working. Put differently, the Supply Chain Manager must understand and know all the data needed for planning and controlling all the activities in the production processes, especially for the supplying and storing actions.

Supply Chain Manager responsibilities

Knowing and understanding the principal mission of this key figure, it is imperative to define and show other particular tasks for the Supply Chain Manager. These activities are vital for every company working under the Supply Chain Management approach, and if they want to have a correct and effective implementation of this working way, it should ensure that these activities are carried out.

One of the most significant jobs for the Supply Chain Manager is its relation with company’s providers. Through this task, the manager can ensure that all that the organization needs for producing and manufacturing its products, will be there. In other words, the Manager is in charge of keeping and having the best relations with the providers, so supplies and raw materials needed by the company, will be available, and the company can operate adequately.

Another vital job for the Supply Chain Manager is to understand and have clear how the logistics processes and distribution means are working. If he understands this, then it will be easier to know how products delivery must be done and how the supplies should be received. Put differently, if the manager knows how the logistics procedures functions, and what are the company’s distribution ways, then he can plan and execute in a better way the organization’s resources.

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For a Supply Chain Manager, it is fundamental to understand the relation with customers and selling establishments. If he knows this, then he can ensure that customers’ demand will be covered at any time and anywhere. Put differently, the manager must have clear what the clients require, so he can provide the correct and precise products in the selling points, letting users buy and have what they want always.

It is very important for the Manager, to have good relations with every actor in the manufacturing processes, from the people working with the raw material receiving to those who are participating in the final product elaboration. Knowing how these processes work and their importance, then the Supply Chain Manager can implement different actions for improving them and increase the company’s productivity. In other words, having good working relations with all those people that are part of the manufacturing procedures, the manager can design better strategies for keeping adequate inventories for the correct functioning of all these processes.

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