CIPS: training in procurement for people and companies in the UK

Training for procurement and supply chain is not that common as marketing or MBAs or many other very common careers like marketing or sales. In fact, there aren’t many courses and approaches for these topics in the web within many universities and institutes that are high standard and others that are not so good academically. In the world of procurement, we have some institutes that are well known within the industry but unknown to the general public. For example, have you ever heard of the CIPS? This institute is the leading institute in procurement and supply in the UK and we are going to know a little bit about it.

The CIPS stands for the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply which can be defined as a high education institute which is easily one of the largest professional bodies that cover supply chains and procurement. It is also a non-profit organization that helps people around the world get into the world of supply chains and procurement.

The CIPS can also be defined as an awarding body that sets the standard in procurement and supply chain management, it is backed up by the  OFQUAL in the UK when it comes to procurement and supply management qualifications. The CIPS also has a very wide network of procurement and supply professionals, industries and a global community of over 115,000 in 150 countries.

So what is it that the CIPS does?

What they really do is offer a range of courses and products to extend people´s knowledge on the procurement and supply chain management topic. They help organizations achieve the highest standards of excellence when it comes to supply chain management and procurement with their courses and products that give the procurement professionals the training and practical skills they need to get the most out of the course or product.

They have many points to their mission: first, they work under the Royal Charter in order to increase value for their stakeholders and to be known as the point of reference when it comes to supplying management topics. Secondly, they work towards promoting the discipline of purchasing and supply management and all the good practices as an industry. Also, they support research and development on new and improved methods in the procurement area so organizations can develop their skills in the purchasing and supply management processes and have the right people with the right information at the right place.  

They like to call their true calling the “art and science” of procurement and supply management. All their activities and strategies revolve around the knowledge and understanding of SCM and purchasing. Another key point they do is that they support research that aims at finding innovative solutions to any challenge that may come up in the procurement world. Everything previously mentioned plus many of the relationships the CIPS has with leading companies and organizations in many sectors and organizations, make them a really good choice when it comes to certifications and to prepare staff for future challenges in the supply chain topic.

One of the most important aspects that the CIPS has in order to always have the highest standards is that they promote and maintain very strict filters when they look at skills, integrity, experience and ability within their procurement managers and practitioners.  They maintain such standard by applying the following to the procurement industry: a professional qualifications program, learning resources, membership, a code of conduct and the job of being the custodians of the National Occupational Standards in Supply Chain Management.

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Another aspect that the CIPS really takes care of to maintain the highest standards is the high standard they have in their service and the benefits it can give organizations in terms of effectiveness and quality. To achieve this goal they have some of the most innovative and updated staff education and training programs; they provide organizations with a meticulous and detailed evaluation for staff and staff members that work directly with the procurement processes so they can have the best accreditation on their purchasing and supply procedures; they share their information through interest groups, which could be online or can be face-to-face, and they motivate their members to be open about their thoughts and experiences with the community so people can dig in and take ideas for future issues or references.   

The CIPS is also directly involved with the UK Government and European Commission when it comes to their policy making in the procurement topic and as mentioned before, they are part of the Royal Charter which is only awarded to special group of professional bodies that are the leading representatives of their sector, provide professional qualifications at Honours Degree level, member are ruled by a code of conduct and serves the public with a platform that ensures reinvestment and stability.

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