Some of the most important events for logistics in Asia and the world

Due to the constant human needs growing and the new technological advances, the consumers have converted in very demanding users. For this, the organizations and businesses must adopt effective ways to satisfy their demand and to achieve it, it is very important to know the best and newest trends for logistics offered in the market to make this possible. Put differently, for today’s companies, it is vital to know the latest tools in the logistics field, to satisfy the user’s’ requirements in the best possible way.

One of the best alternatives for businesses to know the newest trends in logistics are the different events organized around the world. In these expositions, companies from every nation can see the latest offering within the logistics field, to give a more effective service to their customers, reducing costs, and adding value. In this post, we will talk about some of the most important logistics and transportation events in the planet showing their proposals and tools.

Besides knowing the new trends and the innovations in the logistics and transportation field, these events let companies find different alternatives for their needs, giving to their customers better solutions for their requirements. In addition, all these expositions can give to them a new approach to those organizations looking for fresh products and services to be more competitive in the industry they are working.

Express Logistics, Supply Chain Conclave

The Express Logistics and Supply Chain Conclave is currently considered the most important event for logistics in Asia, and one of the most significant in the world. It usually takes place in Mumbai, India, joining the most imperative companies in the logistic industry from India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, among other nations. For this year, this event will have its 11th exposition.

The Express Logistics and Supply Chain Conclave is a two days exposition, where different organizations show the new trends year by year. Some of the most important tendencies for this industry which play a vital role in this event, are the Hi-Tech logistics solutions, Green logistics, IT-SCM, among other elements. Besides those movements, this event also promotes different forums and conferences about End-To-End Logistics, Omni-Channel Supply Chain, Auto Supply Chain or Reverse Logistics. For 2017, this event will have as speakers Mark Millar, who wrote the recognized book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems or Jonathan Beard, the director of Transportation and Logistics Consultancy in Asia.

Besides the forums, conferences, and expositions, the Express Logistics and Supply Chain Conclave has a prize ceremony, awarding the best and most innovative solutions for this event. Some of its categories are Best Express Logistics Service Provider, Best Road Service Provider, Best Freight Service Provider, Best Logistics Service Provider, Best Freight Forwarder, Best ERP Solution Provider, Best Supply Chain Technology Provider, Green Supply Chain Company, among others.

India Warehousing Show

Like the Express Logistics and Supply Chain Conclave, the India Warehousing Show is one of the most important events for logistics in Asia. It takes place in New Delhi, India, and for three days, it shows the latest and newest creations for the supply chain processes. For this year, this exposition will have its 7th edition, giving to their participants the possibility for finding new businesses opportunities, valuable logistics contacts, access to new technologies, among other options.

The India Warehousing Show brings together more than 10.000 visitors every year from different companies and countries around the world. Besides the quality of the visitors and organizations participating in this event, it promotes different ventures through different workshops and helps all these entrepreneurs to find funds and capital from different private firms. This event has been organized since its creation by Reed Manch Exhibitions, which is a joint venture between India and the United Kingdom.

China International Logistics & Transportation

ATL Logistics Center_Hong Kong
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This event is probably the most important one in China, bringing together the leader companies from the logistics and transportation industry in that country and the world. Besides the logistics topics and solutions presented in this event, the China International Logistics & Transportation has a financial approach leveling up all the new initiatives shown in this important event. In other words, this exposition is vital not only for the presentation of the most significant businesses in the logistics and transportation field but for financially supporting the different creations and innovations that visitors can appreciate there.

Some of the most important expositors for the conferences and expositions to take place in 2017, will be Chyma Sabry, from Egypt, which is currently the Sales Executive at Coldwell Banker in Egypt, Alex Min, Director at Ptp-international in Shanghai City, China or Berrada Simohamed, Operations Manager at Hitek Logistic in Montreal, Canada.

Other significant events for logistics and transportation around the world are the Pack Expo in the United States, the Transport Logistics in Germany, the Ipack Turkey in Turkey and Vietnam International Packaging & Printing Industry Exhibition.

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