What makes a logistics career so interesting?

The academic school year is coming to an end for seniors in high school and they are now faced with some of hardest life choices they will have to face.  One of these choices is to decide on their academic future and what they want to do with their lives and how to make a living.  This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly.  Choosing what to study should be done with careful consideration and some research.  With that said, many future collegiate students are opting for a career in logistics and the wide range of areas this career has.  Logistics is a huge part of today’s world and it seems that it will continue to gain momentum for years to come.  The reasons to go into a career in logistics are several and they are all quite enticing.  Let David Kiger share some of those reasons.

1 . Never have a dull day

Logistics is arguably the most dynamic career out there.  You will hardly ever have two equal days.  Every client has different needs to be fulfilled and every shipment comes with its own conditions and requirements.  People who have experience in the industry will testify to this fact.  Boredom and routine are not to qualities or things you will have to worry about if you are working in logistics.  Working in logistics will definitely prepare you to adapt to sudden changes and to work under pressure without really feeling the heat.

2 . You can work in logistics while you study

Most careers need you to have some level of academic training before you can actually get to work in the industry.  Logistics is one of the few exceptions thanks to the vast range of jobs and occupations the industry has to offer.  Whether you are a freshman starting your academic life or a PhD., there is something for everyone in logistics.  Furthermore, every day comes with a new learning experience.  Where you work is your classroom.  Once you do earn your degree in logistics, there are a number of great institutions where you can deepen your knowledge.  For example, you could earn advanced degrees in supply chain management.

3 . Job opportunities are plentiful

People all over the world have access to products and services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Those purchases need to be moved and people are needed to move them.  Look in your local newspaper or any job search site and you will notice that there are a lot of job opportunities in the logistics industry.  What’s more, these opportunities go all over the qualifications scale.  Whether you are new to logistics or a seasoned veteran, there will always be an opening in the industry.

4. The world is your office

Working in logistics provides any person with the rare opportunity of changing one’s workstation at the drop of a hat.  One day you could be sitting in front of your office setting up a shipment and the next day you could be on the factory floor running the supply chain. Not just that, you could also be traveling constantly around the world and be learning from different countries.

DHL terminal Västberga_logistics career
Image courtesy of Per-Olof Forsberg at Flickr.com

5 . Networking comes naturally

One of the hardest things to do in any industry is to create business relationships that you can harvest or count on for future endeavors.  As you gain more experience in logistics, you will surely notice that you built a network of contacts and allies that will help you at a moment’s notice.  The success of these relationships depends entirely on how well you work to make sure you come through for your clients.  Furthermore, as you become a veteran, networking will come naturally and you will be able to build stronger relationships.

6. Skills that can be applied elsewhere

Working in logistics is a constant learning experience.  You are practically guaranteed to learn something new every day and with that knowledge, you will acquire different skills.   Logistics trains you to work under pressure, handle inventory, manage projects, and hone your interpersonal skills.  The previous are all qualities that you can easily use in any other industry.  You will be hard pressed to find any other industry that can prepare you as much.

Opting for a career in logistics is definitely a wise choice.  The industry is full of opportunities, independent of the experience you have.  Additionally, you don’t need to have a degree to start working in the industry and it provides a ton of on-the-job learning.  If that weren’t enough, a logistics career will help any individual gain some much-needed skills that they can apply in other industries.  In other words, a job in logistics can open up your future employment opportunities.  Finally, you will always have something interesting to do and you can do it from any part of the world.

* Image courtesy of Startup Stock Photos at Pexels.com


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