The Best Universities In The World For SCM Education

It is accurate to say that Supply Chain Management is still considered a relatively new area of study and that is why academic institutions are still breaking into the industry offering training opportunities for those interested in the field. The importance of Supply Chain Management today impacts and permeates to the areas of production, marketing, risk management, security and even information technologies. That is why; professionals of today must find ways to receive the necessary training to become competitive in a field that is always changing. How are schools ranked in order to appreciate their contribution to training young professionals in the field of Supply Chain Management? It is important to take a look at the percentage of hands-on training the school offers, a number of technology-based courses available in the curriculum and the quality of electives that are offered that are also linked to software-centered instruction.

Lately, we have been looking at some of the most innovative trends in the world of logistics here in David Kiger’s Blog, so today we want to take a look at some of the best universities in the world that offer education in the complex world of Supply Chain Management and things related to it.

MIT Masters in Supply Chain Management

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA

MIT is an acronym known around the world for their excellence, innovation, and high standards. When it comes to the program offered by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics Supply Chain Management, things are no different. They offer students the opportunity to work with industry experts while at the same time giving the tools to succeed in such a challenging and ever-changing environment. The purpose of the program is to use passion, inventiveness, and teamwork to deliver real-world solutions to today’s supply chain challenges.

ISLI – MS & MSc Global Supply Chain Management

KEDGE Business School – France

Their program was founded in 1984 due to the industry’s demand for professionals ready to tackle the logistic challenges that new technologies were bringing about. Today is considered one of the best programs in the world because of their international recognition for excellence, their efficient research teams, and their groundbreaking publications. The MSc Global Supply Chain Management is great at doing what every relevant program should do in today’s logistics environment; prepare professionals for the current challenges of the industry and the upcoming demands of the field.

MBA in Global Supply Chain management

Purdue University – Krannert School of Management – USA

Founded in 1869 in West Lafayette, their Indiana campus is the main campus of the Purdue University system. Their program is also voted as one of the most complete and that offers the best opportunities to applicants. One of the advantages that put it above many others is the emphasis in a global market and their work alongside many international partners that give students a unique perspective into the world of global logistics and their specific management. The unique skills acquired and their focus on leadership makes it one of the most competitive choices out there.

Purdue University_SCM education_logistics
Image courtesy of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions at

MSc in Supply Chain Management

Rotterdam School of Management – Netherlands

This program is directed towards undergraduates in the field of finances, economy, business or engineering. It lasts 12 months and focuses on acquiring the knowledge made available by new technologies in the world of logistics and their relevance to today’s businesses. One of the advantages of this program is its location in Rotterdam, a place that is considered Europe’s largest commercial port. That is something that will offer a unique insight into how businesses are done in a place of that magnitude, making this program a great alternative for those who want to have a more focused approach towards real world operations.

International Corporate Master in Operations

CENTRUM Católica – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru – Peru

This is a great program in Latin America with one of the most prestigious universities in the continent. The master’s’ program offers a great training opportunity with international professionals and high-quality teachers that are experts in their field. The degree is comprised of four modules that present very relevant and important aspects of Supply Chain Management distributed along the entire program nicely and that cover topics like operations planning and programming, management of processes, innovation, the technology of operations, and a thesis to wrap up the program at the end.

Operations Management

Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Portugal

According to their website, they “study the design, control, and improvement of business processes in order to achieve” the same level of success of companies that match the supply of their demand in business management, financing and marketing. The course also reviews tools like: waiting line models, statistical process control and inventory management. Everything designed and implemented to offer one of the most complete and competitive programs in the world.

* Featured Image courtesy of Ted Lester at

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