Best Supply Chain Management Programs in The World

As it has been said in previous articles, a supply chain is the existing network between a company and its suppliers, which is in charge of producing and distributing specific products to consumers. In other words, the supply chain represents every single step that needs to be taken in order to bring a finished product to customers. This process is extremely relevant for today’s economy and knowing how to deal with it at each stage of its operation is highly important in terms of allowing industries worldwide to move forward.

Learning how to manage every process involved in the supply chain is crucial to companies. Knowing how to optimize resources and time without scarifying quality and profit are some of the key elements to success along the supply chain. The best way to gain this type of knowledge is through years of experience, however, getting a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management can be helpful and extremely important for those who work in the process and are responsible for its results.

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In this article, David Kiger will briefly present some of the best Supply Chain Management Master programs offered by different universities in the world. For those who are interested in becoming experts on the subject, attending to one of these masters can be very productive and enriching since every student gets the chance to learn about logistics and the way different businesses and industries operate worldwide.

# 1 Supply Chain Management Program – MIT (United States)

During 10 months students of this program will have the chance to develop leadership skills, analytical training and problem-solving based on real situations. Alumni at the program have the chance to become part of the large and important network of powerful industries located in the United States and other countries around the globe.

As part of the MIT Global SCALE Network, the Supply Chain Management Program offers the chance to interact with students from different backgrounds and countries. Also, it is connected to other MIT Institutions and programs located in Spain, Colombia, Malaysia, China, and Luxemburgo. This gives students the opportunity to work worldwide for one of the 150 corporate partners or 80 research facilities linked to the Global SCALE Network.

Students who take this program are trained to imagine, build and operate complex systems related to the supply chain. Also, the program empowers students to be better at sales and negotiations so they can be better at handling every stage of the logistics process and challenges related to the supply chain.

For those interested in this program, it is important to keep in mind that they can have the opportunity of obtaining different degrees depending on the field they decide to focus their studies.

# 2 Global Supply Chain Management – Kedge Business School (France)

Founded in 1984, this program aims to meet the needs related to any potential problem that can take place along the Supply Chain. Being recognized worldwide as a leading program in global supply chain management, the course offers students the chance to do research on related subjects while focusing its efforts on experimental pedagogy.

As the oldest Supply Chain Management program in Europe, the program has a network of 2,200 alumni all over the world, working at the top of their capacities to leverage their functions. This allows the possibility of building a global network that approaches problems from different perspectives keeping in mind the context and specific needs of companies, suppliers, and customers.

For those who make part of the program, being able to work within a multicultural framework gives them the chance to understand today’s business environment as a group of operations that have no borders and implies the collaboration of different industries and partners from different origins.

#3 Ms Global Supply Chain Management – Purdue (United States)

Image courtesy of Erica Minton at

As a part of the Krannert School of Management, this program was built to strengthen the supply chain operations and provide students with the necessary analytical skills to solve problems and provide new approaches to processes that take place along the supply chain. The main goal of the program is to help students become analytical problem solvers, capable of applying technology to produce better outcomes and allow the global industry to move forward.

During a year, students have the opportunity to attend different courses and lectures on topics related to supply chain management that are intended to provide them with the required tools to manage every stage of the supply chain process not only locally but internationally. Students are taught and trained in a diversity of subjects related to the way different businesses and industries operate in different contexts.

Students from every corner of the world with different backgrounds and bachelor degrees are welcome to be part of the program since their experience and knowledge of different industries is recognized as one of the biggest assets of the Krannert School of Management.


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