The Kaizen Institute: 30 Years Improving the World

Introducing the kaizen philosophy to the world in 1985, the Kaizen Institute Consulting Group today works as a global consultancy actively working in all sectors, challenging clients in order to help them develop leaders capable and willing to sustain true continuous improvement in all aspects of their organizations.

Currently, the Kaizen Institute has the longest and most stable history of serving companies in consulting and training in the field of kaizen, lean management and continuous improvement all over the word. With offices in more than 30 countries and more than 400 seasoned kaizen consultants, the institute counts with a team composed of dedicated professionals who have learned and live the path of lean transformation, and just like David Kiger, they understand that success is not only about obtaining palpable financial results but also about developing people capable of sustaining while thriving within a constant improvement system.

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Kaizen Institute History

In 1985 Masaaki Imai founded Kaizen Institute in Switzerland, intended to help companies apply the practice of kaizen and the different systems and tools known today as Lean Management. During the same year, Mr. Imai wrote the book Kaizen: The secret to Japan’s competitive success, where he explained how to implement kaizen as part of an organization’s culture.

During the following three decades, the Kaizen Instituted grew and evolved, opening offices across 30 countries serving clients in 25 languages. Mr. Imai wrote numerous books and articles, held lectures on kaizen, quality, leadership, Lean and different management subjects. The Kaizen Institute kept on serving as a consultant for several global companies, always introducing kaizen as a commonsense continuous improvement approach on every inhabited continent.

Company’s Philosophy

They Kaizen Institute works under the principle of Kaizen being a tool to everywhere, everybody and everyday improvement. It works with the goal of becoming the Global Partner of choice for organizations all over the world and operating in any industry committed to excellence. According to their philosophy, they server companies under the following set of values:

  • Trust: Bonds between the institution, customers, partners, vendors and the community are strengthened through the construction of history and kept of promises.
  • Knowledge: Curiosity is encouraged as a way to pursue knowledge and wisdom. By constantly questioning the current state of things, the institute invites to defy the current status quo of companies.
  • People: Through mutual respect and engagement, the institute invites people to expand their capabilities while committing to continual improvement.
  • Clients: The Kaizen Institute is dedicated to serving its customers with humility, integrity, intimacy and dedication in order to provide a world class service.
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Consulting Services

During more than 30 years, consultants from the Kaizen Institute have helped companies become sustainable through the application of the philosophy of constant improvement, teaching them how to keep Kaizen strong. Their consultant team is experienced in engaging with clients at all organizational levels. It is composed of practitioners and coaches, who assist client teams achieving great results by rapidly putting ideas into action, providing Lean tools to the needs of every business is one of their major strengths.

Outstanding results are achieved using a multiple learning-by-doing methods. Kaizen events, value stream design workshops and professionally managed Lean projects are held all year long by the Kaizen Institute all over the globe. Teaching people how to help themselves by correctly using and transferring knowledge, consultants empower every member of each organization to implement improvements themselves, while working with leaders to build systems to sustain continuous improvement culture.

Kaizen team of consultants understands that they are only successful at their tasks when they are able to obtain tangible results that the client can see and create value that can be measured financially. Most times, consulting engagements include a combination of Everyday Improvement, Revenue Improvement, Sustainable Improvement, Supply Chain, Quality Management, Problem Diagnostic, Gap analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Cost Reduction, Increase Profit, Global Lean, and Production Line.

Training Services

The Kaizen Institute is compromised with the growth and continuous evolution and improvement of lean leaders and kaizen practitioners. Training courses offered by the institute in lean management, have been also improved in time through delivery to tens of thousands of people around the globe. No matter if it is within the Kaizen Institute team or inside any company, people who learn the kaizen methods are capable of bringing business benefits to all companies and teams.

The Kaizen Institute offers a certification program divided into three levels through the Kaizen College, in which lessons are given combining formal classroom training, experiential simulations and games, and ‘hands-on’ practice at the Gemba. Trainers at the institute are experienced collaborators who work to improve the learning experience by using many examples and case studies. Choosing the Kaizen College program allows students to meet and network with others in similar roles, to share experiences and examples with peers.


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