10 Important Kaizen tips to help you with your mindset growth

Kaizen philosophy stands that the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who do not lies in their ability to improve their mindset. Kaizen talks about continuous improvement made one step at the time. It is a way of mind evolution where you see yourself gradually changing and constantly experimenting new ideas to improve yourself. Every flaw and problem become an opportunity to improve. You need to keep in mind that the most important thing according to Kaizen is the process in the long term not the immediate outcome.

The constant improvement philosophy of personal Kaizen implies a change for a better life, it leads to greater personal success, improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence. It also leads to better relationships, continual learning, eluding perfectionism and becoming the best possible version of yourself. If you feel motivated to take this path of constant improvement and growth of your mindset, this article is for you. Here, David Kiger, presents a series of useful tips which can help you with your personal kaizen.

1  . Use a notepad:

Sometimes it is very difficult to point out the things about ourselves that we want to improve. A useful tool can be keeping a notepad with you, that way every time an important idea hits you, you will be able to write it down and start a mental map related to it and the things you want to do about that specific matter in order to improve it.

2. Use digital tools:

Let us say your first step in order to become more organized at your job is to set a schedule for every working day. Your number one tool to complete that task is always going to be your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. There are many steps you can take where you can use digital tools as a fundamental help. From day planners to simply saving data related to the achievement of your goals, digital tools can be a great ally to personal Kaizen.

3. Ask yourself questions:

Sometimes we know we should get out of our comfort zone, but we do not know how to do it. Asking yourself questions will force your brain answer them and do new things, motivating it to take those dreamed of baby steps you need to take in order to succeed with your personal Kaizen.

4. Stimulate both sides of your brain:

Think of your brain as a muscle, you need to keep it in good shape if you want it to work properly and lift all the weights you want. Choose some activities that help you stimulate both sides of that muscle constantly. Whether it is music or a Sudoku game, you should always take advantage of your brain’s plasticity and ability to learn new things. This is why it is important for people to keep training it.

5. Read books on the matter that interests you:

Sometimes someone already wrote something related to the thing we want to improve in ourselves. It can be helpful for you to read about it and see your problem from other’s perspective. This tip is in itself kind of a step you can take in order to grow a better mindset.

6. Go for long walks alone:

As it was said before, sometimes it can be hard to start the process. Identifying the things we can improve about ourselves can be a rather exhausting task. Opening spaces for you to think about the things you want to improve and how to improve them is a great way to start. Going for a nice walk all by yourself can help you clear your mind and see things from a different perspective.

happy_kaizen philosophy_david kiger
Image courtesy of Carmela Nava at Flickr.com

7. Unplug yourself:

You will need to focus in order to define what is going to be your next step. There is no room for phones and texting when you are trying to free your mind and picture what you want to do next.

8. Watch TED talks online:

Just like books, TED talks can be useful to give you a new perspective on the things you want to improve, based on what outsiders believe is a better alternative.

9. Remember yourself you are doing great:

An important thing in order to improve your mindset is already having a positive one. Every time you reach one of your baby goals, you should congratulate yourself. Reminding you how capable you are of accomplishing your dreams.

10.  Tell your story:

Telling others about the tiny things you are working on and the goals you have already achieved can motivate you to do better with your next step. Sharing your experiences with those around you can lead them to start their own personal Kaizen process.

You can read more about personal Kaizen tips here.

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