5 amazing tips to have a better Kaizen

As many of you already know, one of the most important parts of a successful business is improving the quality of processes in the corporation and, as we have said before in this blog, one of the best methods of doing so is Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “improvement” and consists of activities that help the community improve in their different areas of work and help raise the company standards. This way the company improves the quality of its products and reduces the cost of production. Kaizen in obviously an amazing method of meeting your company goals and today we bring you some tips to have a better Kaizen process in your company.

  1. Look for good examples in daily life:
    Not every good idea comes in the way of an epiphany or after hours of thinking, sometimes what you have to do is look at the different products or services around you.  Look at the way other companies successfully work and find good referents to help improve your products, try adapting this referents into your products and follow the example of those referents that you consider are successful in transmitting ideas and are compatible with your work. I’m not saying you should plagiarize o copy another person’s work, I’m saying you should look how other people work and what you can learn from their working process.

  2. Find ways to improve yourself:
    It would be wrong to think that the only thing that needs improvement is the company, the company is composed by all the employees that work in it and those who control the different processes. A company works like a clock, all the employees are the different gears that make part of it and they working together is what makes the clock run smoothly; if a gear is not working properly it can slow down or completely stop the clock. What I’m saying is, there cannot be a substantial improvement in the company if there is not an individual improvement and the best way to start is to improve yourself, try being a better worker yourself and develop habits that benefit both you and the company.

  3. Help others improve:
    Like I said in the last point, a company works like a clock and workers are the gears, you are one of the gears but only if you work with the others the clock works.  That’s why it is important for you to not be selfish, teamwork is extremely necessary and is one of the main factors that define how successful a company is. Help your coworkers improve, show them better ways to do stuff, help them develop good habits, and this way the workplace will be a healthier place, people will feel better working with you and there will be a substantial improvement in the company. Remember, don’t be selfish, listen to the ideas of your workers and coworkers, they may have different points of view that will help the company grow.

    Public Forum_kaizen_david kiger
    Image courtesy of World Trade Organization at Flickr.com
  4. Take a rest if you need it:
    Don’t push yourself too hard, avoid getting overwhelmed with work as this may be counter-productive. If you are stressed, ideas won’t flow as easily as you need them to, sometimes this stress will cause you to lack ideas and you won’t be able to think clearly and find solutions. If you are feeling this way, you should take a rest, get your head off work for some time and do different activities that will help you relax. You should not ignore the problem but you shouldn’t get stuck in them either. This relaxing activities will help you blow some steam and this way you’ll work better, sometimes you can even find the solution to the problem while doing other activities, but like I said before don’t over relax and remember the deadlines, you should rest but not forgetting about work.

  5. Share your ideas:
    Try to be effective in transmitting your ideas to the company, try to convince others that your ideas are worth, with arguments and always trying to help the company. You have to avoid being selfish and try to take a critical approach to your ideas, listen to others’ feedback and implement it, this way the idea will be improved. Try not to be overprotective with your ideas and listen to others’ arguments before making a decision. Be clear when stating your arguments so others know exactly what you think. Be innovative while expressing your ideas, try different methods so that your coworkers understand you clearly and get excited about your ideas.

So these are some tips that will help you develop a better Kaizen, when you are trying to improve your company always try to be very communicative and try not to be selfish, listen to other people’s needs and ideas and be critical about your ideas and processes.






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