David Kiger Supports Winners of The Sionna Project

The Sionna Project screenwriting competition recently announced two winners at a reception at The Highland Dallas. Chad Berry and David Langlinais received a $10,000 cash prize awarded by executive producer David Kiger. The duo’s winning screenplay, Three Days in August, will also premiere at the 10th Annual Dallas International Film Festival next year and receive a limited national theatrical release through the production company, Studio Movie Grill.

The Sionna Project, which started last year, challenged screenwriters to create a script based on the true story of a young woman from Texas who, after having been given away at birth, must struggle with her past and forge a new identity as she searches for information about her birth parents. More than 200 writing teams finished screenplays and submitted them to the competition.

The winners included an award-winning creative director and advertising writer who had never before created a screenplay and his partner, a short story author whose newest collection will hit shelves in a matter of months. The prize money bestowed by David Kiger will support these two talented artists as they continue to develop their careers.

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