David Kiger Shares Advice for Successful Entrepreneurship

Kiger_David  Worldwide Express  JLD_3309-750
Image Source: Bizjournals.com

A successful entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas, David Kiger is the founder and CEO of the global logistics company Worldwide Express. He regularly draws on his own experiences to offer advice to aspiring business leaders and emerging professionals. Recently, he outlined key tips for those pursuing small business success.

Mr. Kiger notes that a business leader’s extended network can serve as an excellent resource for company development. Social networking has introduced myriad opportunities for professionals to seek advice from outside sources, and Mr. Kiger points out that an experienced third party, such as a friend’s boss or colleague, is often able to offer a fresh and unbiased perspective.

While seeking to expand their professional network, budding entrepreneurs should also look for guidance within their own field. Entrepreneurs should identify prospective mentors with knowledge relevant to their business goals and, preferably, hands-on experience in their chosen industry. The ideal business mentor will ask just as many questions as he or she answers, displaying a genuine interest in an entrepreneur’s endeavors. Additionally, entrepreneurs should seek advisors with legal expertise. By launching a company with the proper legal framework, entrepreneurs can avoid potentially costly future complications.


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