Why Business Leaders Need to Show Gratitude

show gratitude pic Entrepreneurs often become consumed in their business’ daily operations. However, learning how to express gratitude for a job well done can brighten a business leader’s day and make employees feel appreciated. Gratitude involves focusing on the things that have gone well and ultimately leads to greater optimism, which in turn makes it much easier to wade through the responsibilities and concerns of business ownership.

When business leaders openly express gratitude for the efforts of their employees, they significantly boost morale. This gratitude should be specific, not generalized. In other words, an entrepreneur should point to a particular accomplishment. Business leaders should also pay attention to how employees like to receive praise. While some may appreciate acknowledgement in front of a group, others may prefer one-on-one feedback.

Each night before they go to bed, business leaders may want to think about what went right during the day and who helped them solve issues. By writing these thoughts down, leaders can keep a record of their gratitude. Completing this exercise every night trains the brain to think more positively and gives individuals a better outlook on their business.


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