Finding Your Executive Voice

Executive Voice pic Business executives must develop their own voice to be the most effective leaders possible. A person’s “voice” is like a personal brand; it refers to the specific and unique way that he or she communicates. Voice determines how peers, other employees, and even clients perceive a leader. A person’s voice conveys values, beliefs, and ideas. Just as with a brand, an executive’s voice should remain consistent.

When trying to find their voice, leaders should look to other people whom they respect for inspiration. These individuals may be industry leaders, celebrities, or even family members. By observing these people intently, leaders can explore what makes them so attractive and model this in their own lives. Attractive qualities may include charisma, networking skills, or intense expertise.

A business leader’s voice draws from his or her accomplishments, as well as failures, to offer something of value to others. Experience will always inform voice, and an understanding of past victories and mistakes makes individuals more appealing as leaders.

Of course, creating a professional voice involves a degree of experimentation. Younger leaders especially should look for low-risk opportunities to try out new approaches and allow their voice to evolve over time.


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