TED2015 Session Six – Radical Reframers Rethink the Future

TED2015 Session Six pic TED2015 took place over the course of 12 sessions in mid-March. Session Six: Radical Reframe focused on new ways of thinking about the future. Five individuals from fields as diverse as cancer research and animal rights spoke about their visions for the future of the United States and the greater world.

One speaker, Maryn McKenna, is a public health journalist who became known for her work on anthrax and antibiotic-resistant staph infections. During her talk, she spoke frankly about her research on drug-resistant diseases, stating that we need to rethink the role of antibiotics and other drugs in our society.

Pamela Ronald, a plant geneticist, spoke about her work on engineering new strains of rice that resist both disease and environmental stress. She is a champion of sustainable agriculture through the use of ecologically based farming methods and genetically improved seeds.

Cancer researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee shared the progress he has made in investigating links between stem cells and malignant blood disease. A science historian, he frequently looks to our past experiences with cancer to determine future treatments.

Steven Wise spoke about his efforts to rethink personhood and grant basic rights to animals that are considered cognitively advanced.

Finally, Chuck Berry offered stories about his adventures as an aerial videographer. He consistently pushes typical boundaries with wingsuits, hang gliders, sky dives, and more.

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