Sales Success – Tips for New Salespeople

Sales Success pic Launching a career in sales can seem daunting, but many salespeople find that by following a few simple guidelines and self-organizing principles, they can easily meet and surpass their goals. The first thing that many new salespeople forget is that the client should come first; while one is naturally inclined to seek to further one’s own career, those working in sales must always think of things from the client’s perspective. Once a salesperson knows what a client needs, it becomes far easier to fill that need with the salesperson’s service or product.

New salespeople often dither, or expect results from a few phone calls. If they fail to change these habits, they will soon need to find a new career. The consummate salesperson is a people person, and part of filling that role means being present. Go to conferences, meet with potential clients for lunch or drinks, do what it takes to see and be seen in the industry and community. Likewise, be direct. When the time comes to make a pitch, don’t belabor the point; leap into the pertinent information. Not only will potential clients appreciate a salesperson who gets straight to business, but keeping things concise will allow for more pitches per day.


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