Making the Most of Downtime

Making the Most of Downtime pic Every salesperson has faced boredom, whether during a slow day in the office or a lull spent in a hotel room. Instead of goofing off or spacing out, however, the consummate salesperson gets work done. When not taking calls or reaching out to leads, you should be doing one of two things: filling the sales pipeline or clearing the sales pipeline.

Obviously, finding the happy medium between an overfull sales funnel and an empty one can be a tough task for a new salesperson, but it is very important to maintain that balance. The sales prospects at the top of the “stack” need attention, especially to keep them on the hook for a sale, while those further down need a bit of tending to as well. Adding to the stack means generating leads, and those taking their first step in the sales world should focus on finding as many leads as possible. Ideally, as you gain experience, you will be able to identify quality leads before making a sales pitch in the first place, but simply getting out there and talking to people is crucial for new sales staffers. During downtime, shuffle through the sales pipeline to find new leads to add to the stack, and keep in communication with those already in the stack.


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