Understanding the Strengths of an Introverted Boss

Introverted Boss pic Many people in business expect managers and executives to have the qualities of an extrovert. While many of them do, introverted bosses can prove just as effective, and sometimes more so, in certain work environments. For example, introverts are generally better at encouraging honest, open discussion among employees, which can result in better final decisions. Extroverts may inadvertently dominate a conversation and discourage others from fully participating, which means that some important opinions go unexpressed.

According to a study published in Harvard Business Review, proactive workers tend to perform better under introverted leaders. The study suggests that introverted leaders are more open to suggestions from employees and more willing to implement them to create an efficient work environment. Extroverted leaders, on the other hand, tended to see employee suggestions as threats.

In a business setting, introverts often go unnoticed, and people assume that they don’t have anything to say because they are not willing to interrupt others to say it. Introverted leaders are more likely to give these individuals a voice and ask for their valuable opinions.


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