Important Advice for Effectively Managing Millennials

Managing Millennials pic People just now graduating from college belong to a generation known as the Millennials. These individuals were born and raised in the Digital Age; they’ve never known a world without the Internet or cell phones. As a result, they often have different workplace expectations. For example, they will sooner Google a question than ask a coworker. Rather than pick up a phone to communicate with someone off-site, Millennials are more likely to use email or an instant messaging service. For many young people of this generation, the world moves at an accelerated pace, which is especially true in the business world. For this reason, Millennial employees can be a great asset to any company, but leaders must understand how to manage them effectively.

Great multitaskers, Millennials will often work on many projects simultaneously. Managers should recognize that employees who post on social media or text while at work are not necessarily slacking off. Additionally, managers should be open to suggestions from Millennials about how to improve various business processes. Because they are digital “natives,” younger individuals may have a better understanding than industry veterans of how to streamline a process via technology.


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