Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurship Unbounded by Age

Entrepreneurship pic Young people have pursued entrepreneurship for decades through small businesses like babysitting and mowing yards. Traditionally, however, these individuals do not really think of their work as entrepreneurship. In today’s increasingly connected world, young workers are more frequently taking on the title of entrepreneur and completing extraordinary tasks, from designing top-selling apps to developing entire lines of designer clothing. A Forbes article, for example, recently highlighted the achievements of a 13-year-old girl who designed a line of clothing now available at Nordstrom. She began designing her own garments when she could not find anything she liked in stores and then took her designs to Fashion Accelerator 360 to help make the line a reality. With the use of online marketing and social media, her line quickly gained popularity.

Several other stories of early-age successes have appeared in past months. A 15-year-old girl old from Vancouver was featured in Business News Daily for devising a unique HIV test that allows for early-stage detection. In London, a 17-year-old app developer created Summly, which creates news summaries. He subsequently sold the app to Yahoo! for $30 million while still in high school.

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