A Few Ideas for Professional Development Resolutions in the New Year

Professional Development pic As the new year begins, sales professionals may want to consider setting resolutions for their professional development. These goals may focus on client interactions. For example, someone may resolve to reduce the amount of industry jargon that he or she employs on a daily basis. Often, people begin using industry jargon unconsciously. Unfortunately, this can drive a wedge between the client and the sales representative because the client may not understand the lingo. By resolving to eliminate these words from their vocabularies, sales professionals can significantly improve their communication skills.

Some may want to make a resolution about avoiding bad accounts. A few salespeople will make any sale regardless of its real benefit for the client. However, this move can really hurt a business if those clients then become vocal about feeling duped. When salespeople resolve to work closer with clients to identify their needs and the company’s services most capable of meeting them, they generate trust and loyalty.

Resolutions can be much simpler. A great one that sales professionals may consider is to prospect on a daily basis. While this may involve only one phone call per day, it eliminates procrastination and increases the potential for sales.


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