WWE Employee Training Programs Promote Professional Skills and Ideals

Worldwide Express logo pic To commemorate the launch of Career Express, a blog offering career advice to new college graduates and up-and-coming professionals, Worldwide Express CEO and founder David Kiger offered insight into his firm’s employment ideals and training strategy. Established in 1995, the logistics firm was recently named the number one company to work for by Glassdoor, and it maintains a rigorous training program to prepare new associates to serve over 35,000 customers across the United States.

As a service-based company, Worldwide Express values its employees as its primary asset and relies on them to operate with the utmost quality and integrity. The firm’s nationally recognized training program begins at its corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, where employees receive an introduction to basic sales and account management skills. WWE account executives gain comprehensive knowledge of the company’s product offerings while building skills such as sales presentation. They become familiar with each step in the customer management and retention process, learning to effectively serve both light package and freight clients.

Worldwide Express is well known for its ample advancement opportunities, and successful employees often pursue additional management training. These courses emphasize skills such as business planning, instructing management candidates on topics such as revenue and profitability. While WWE’s training programs prepare employees for a variety of positions within the company, each works to promote the company’s overall ideals, including accountability, teamwork, optimism, and resilience.

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