Want to Be a Better Entrepreneur? Take Some Lessons from the Track

track pic We all know that running is a great way to stay fit and get some fresh air, but if you think that’s all there is to it, think again. Some of the most important lessons that running teaches us can also help us be better, more effective entrepreneurs. Here are three of the most important running truths that translate easily from the pavement to the office:

Momentum is your friend.

When running, it’s much harder to keep starting and stopping than it is to run at a consistent pace. The same is true for entrepreneurship. It is far more effective to settle into a steady working rhythm than it is to bounce from bursts of frenzied action to periods of idleness. Naturally, your business will go through cycles of more or less activity, but reminding yourself to keep your momentum going will help you glide through busy times and slow times with equal ease.

Excess weight slows you down.

Carrying too much weight can make running much more difficult and prevent you from reaching your top speed. While it’s easy to see how this image applies to running, it doesn’t take a great leap to envision how it can also apply to businesses. For an entrepreneur, excess weight could mean anything from taking personal responsibility for too many small details to carrying overhead costs that are too large. See what areas you can “trim,” and watch your pace improve.

Treat your body right.

Runners know that their bodies function most effectively with enough rest and proper nutrition. Why don’t entrepreneurs realize that their bodies have exactly the same needs? Whether you’re training for a marathon or preparing to launch your business, taking care of yourself physically will help you give your best performance.

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