Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

elevator pitch pic Can you describe your small or emergent business in 60 seconds or less? Does your statement have the potential to engage your audience and issue a powerful call to action, or does it just fall flat? The next time someone asks what your company is about, you should be able to encapsulate its brand identity concisely and in a way that makes a real connection with your listeners. Here are a few pointers to help you craft the most persuasive elevator pitch possible.

First, learn how to make your listeners really care about your company. To do this, use examples to show them what it can do for them. How can it solve a problem, grow their business, or make their lives easier or better?

Be yourself, and be natural. Don’t make your pitch sound robotic or like a pre-recorded message.

Know and outline the unique selling points for yourself and your company. Why are you the best among your competitors at doing what you do?

Illustrate for listeners how your company is already gaining prominent customers and supporters in their own market segment, and include some of the positive reviews it has received.

Don’t forget a call to action: Let your audience know what they need to do to take advantage of the benefits your company offers, and tell them how they can get on board.

After you’ve given a few examples and outlined the basics of the company’s brand and potential usefulness, close on a graceful note that leaves your listeners wanting to know more.

Remember that the elevator pitch is only the beginning of a conversation; its goal is to earn you the chance to discuss your ideas, and the benefits of your product or service, further with people who can offer you capital, support, and purchasing power.

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