Sales Strategies – The Power of Face-to-Face in a Digital World

In many ways, online communication has made sales and marketing easier and more effective than ever before, but entrepreneurs and business owners shouldn’t be too hasty to dismiss the value of face-to-face calls. Even in today’s digital age, an in-person meeting still boasts a few advantages over a virtual sales message.

– The ability to respond in the moment: When sending an e-mail to a prospective client, a sales representative just has to hope that the message is straightforward and relevant before hitting send; after that, it is up to the client to take the initiative to ask questions or request more details. On the other hand, during an in-person meeting, sales reps can not only answer any client questions immediately, but they can also respond right away to the client’s attitude and level of interest, expanding on points that seem to engage the client while skipping over others that are not holding the client’s attention.

– Decreased competition: With online sales tactics now the norm for most companies, fewer businesses are making the time for in-person meetings with potential clients. This means that companies that choose to emphasize face-to-face sales tactics automatically stand out from the competition and are more uniquely visible than one more e-mail among hundreds.

– A truly personal relationship: Putting a face (and a handshake) to a company name goes a long way towards fostering a meaningful and long-lasting business relationship. Personal connection remains one of the most important sales tools around, and it takes an actual person, and not only a computer screen, to achieve this.

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