Using E-Mail Marketing to Build Your Brand

Most successful entrepreneurs know that the Internet offers a wide range of possibilities for branding and marketing: social media platforms, instant messaging, and e-mail all assist companies of every size in managing customer relationships. To keep your e-mail marketing efforts on track in today’s business climate, remember a few significant points:

Understanding your customers is vital in every facet of your operations, never more so than when you communicate with them via e-mail. Make sure you know what their main interests are and the nature of their problems, which your business can help solve. Nothing alienates customers more than feeling that a company doesn’t know who they are.

When you send out an e-mail newsletter, determine the frequency and times you will send it, based on your information about your customers’ needs and preferences. Once you establish a schedule, demonstrate reliability by sticking to it.

Create a clear, consistent template for your newsletter that will make it easy to read and understand. You should also create fresh content for each issue that shows you are on top of current trends in your industry.

Keep your customers’ trust by being consistent in your branding across platforms and communication channels. Make sure that your logo, associated images, word choice, and corporate voice match up wherever you have a presence online.

The subject line of your e-mails presents you with a powerful branding opportunity. Don’t lose customers by attempting to trick them into opening an e-mail. Instead, make the subject line an extension of your brand. Focus on creating high-interest copy that lets customers know that opening the e-mail will give them a chance to learn something new or secure an enticing offer.

Finally, be sure to stay in compliance with relevant anti-spam legislation, and offer a means for customers to unsubscribe.