E-Mail Marketing Tips

In this age of pervasive social media, many entrepreneurs may consider e-mail an outmoded and unnecessary vehicle for acquiring and retaining customers. However, recent writings by a variety of business experts have asserted that e-mail communications can be as profitable, or more so, than social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

E-mails with links to custom landing pages can boost conversion rates by at least 25 percent. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the effectiveness of a simple e-mail message that provides your customers with a direct connection to the product or promotional offer discussed.

Keep in mind that an increasing number of today’s customers use mobile communications technologies to access their e-mail. If your presentation and formatting don’t provide mobile customers with a seamless experience tailored to their preferred medium, they are more likely to become customers of your competitors.

Understand that e-mail is a way to build relationships with customers, so you should target your market rather than sending what is effectively spam to a wide swath of e-mail addresses. Provide customers and prospects with information they can use, such as regular newsletters and updates on areas of interest to them. Within your own customer base, segment the market so that each group of customers receives messages on the items most useful to them.

Make sure you obtain customers’ permission before adding them to your e-mail marketing list. Ask each new contact if you may send e-mail updates, and emphasize the benefits of receiving content that can assist in solving real-world problems.

Finally, keep your e-mails short, with articles no more than about 500 words, and include a call to action for accepting relevant offers.