Best Businesses to Start in Your Living Room

Entrepreneur David Kiger started the company that would become Worldwide Express Operations, LLC, out of a spare bedroom in his Texas home. He parlayed his initial investment of just $5,000 into what is today a multimillion-dollar logistics and shipping company. Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of a similar pathway to success, and many share Mr. Kiger’s initial problem: A lack of funds and infrastructure.

Following are just a few ideas for businesses to help move them along on the way to entrepreneurial success. The common denominator? You can start them in your home with little more than determination and some basic supplies. Approximately half of all new businesses begin exactly that way.

Consider becoming an independent contractor in a field in which you have experience. Create a website to showcase your portfolio of successful projects. Careers that involve graphic design, content writing, social media marketing, and professional consulting are among those that lend themselves well to this scenario.

If you have great people skills, consider setting yourself up as a provider of personal services. Become a virtual assistant or appointment scheduler, errand runner, personal shopper, babysitter, or pet caretaker.

If you are an artist, photographer, or craftsperson, display images of your work and set up an online marketplace. You can also seek recurring jobs that could involve supplying stock photography images, commissioned work for local organizations, or a presence at events such as school fairs or community festivals.

Even people employed in highly compensated positions, such as information technology professionals and attorneys, are opening home offices to cut down on overhead and increase convenience.

Consult your accountant and legal services provider to find out about any regulatory and tax implications involved. And conduct your due diligence to find out whether starting your own business from home could be the best option for you.