A Round-Up of Social Media Marketing Tips for 2014

The social media landscape is constantly shifting, and marketing professionals and business owners need to stay alert in order to stay focused on their messages. Some experts say that the typical consumer encounters far more than 30 billion bits of data on a daily basis, defining the present time as an attention-based economy.

The proliferation of online media platforms has caused many people to focus their attention elsewhere. Marketers will have to understand their audiences, as well as the selling points of their own products and services, better than ever. Promoted online posts and targeted Facebook advertisements may be among the best ways to engage increasingly hard-to-reach audiences. Some marketing professionals note that paid advertising will become more and more necessary as a complement to organic social media content.

Mobile communications is among the trends to watch for the foreseeable future. A growing number of consumers have abandoned desktop computers in favor of the more portable, but just as connected, tablet devices and smartphones. Marketers will need to keep pace by adjusting the designs of their messages to take optimum advantage of these new formats. Focusing on the type of personalized outreach most relevant in customers’ immediate locations will become increasingly important.

Consumers continue to express a preference for highly engaging visual content. Find creative new ways to incorporate video, as well as striking design elements, into online content. One recent study found that visually based advertising content resulted in a 65 percent consumer retention rate, several times that for text-based content.