Using Twitter to Drive Marketing Success

Twitter and other social media platforms continue to play a crucial role in corporate marketing and branding, no matter what the size of the company. Understanding how to streamline and derive the most benefit possible from social media marketing is vital to any business plan. Dallas corporations large and small are learning what works for them in the wide-open field of online media marketing as they focus on maintaining high brand awareness and expanding operations.

With advertising revenue contributions to the American economy reaching $5 billion in 2012 alone, Twitter has become a standard outreach tool for most businesses. Every two days, well over 200 million Twitter users create approximately 1 billion tweeted messages. By utilizing this ready-made marketing platform, companies can connect with new customers and keep existing customer bonds strong.

A large corporation in the Dallas area has chosen to embed marketing messages within humorous tweets. By naming its products in offhand references on Twitter, the company wants to keep its brand fresh and promote increased engagement with consumers. Another company in the Dallas market has gone beyond retweeting to create its own content by sponsoring live-tweeted trivia contests and chats. The company often ties these events to upcoming sporting events to boost its audience even more.

Still other companies in the region have discovered the value of Twitpics to promote images of satisfied customers using their products and services. Twitter itself offers a number of business-related services, including marketing tools and methods for conducting data analysis. The social media company’s ability to help target specific audiences makes the best use of data-gathering results and integrates a range of marketing strategies that can be helpful to businesses of all sizes and types.

Through the use of Twitter’s Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets services, companies can increase their rates of consumer engagement by several percentage points. One company even received an increase of more than 50 percent.