Positive Attitude Leads to Business Success

David Kiger, founder and CEO of UPS partner shipping company Worldwide Express Operations, LLC, has weathered numerous challenging situations since he started the business in 1995. Worldwide Express has experienced the problems common to all new businesses as they struggle to get off the ground and build their customer base.

In 2008, a division of WWE’s major partner, DHL International GmbH, pulled its air and surface business from its American partners after signing a major contract. Worldwide Express subsequently sued the German company in a district court in Dallas, Texas, and won $7 million in damages in 2011. UPS demonstrated its confidence in the company’s business model by agreeing to become its new partner in supplying shipping services to small and medium-sized companies. But the situation was not without some precarious moments when management experienced serious concerns about the company’s future prospects.

David Kiger maintained his belief in the distinctive value his company could provide. He continues to have confidence in his business model and the talents of his sales staff, who unfailingly bring a positive attitude to the often-daunting task of making cold calls to prospective clients. WWE now handles more than 10 million packages per year and serves as one of the largest resellers of UPS shipping services.

A Harvard University study found that three-quarters of an employee’s success can be traced back to his or her positive attitude. A sense of group support, the initiative to welcome challenges, and a can-do mindset, in which an individual feels that his or her actions create meaningful change in a company, all contribute significantly to success.

Business writers have stated that an employee with a positive attitude contributes to the heightened productivity, safety, and quality standards of his or her team. In an increasing number of workplaces, managers have found that basic company procedures and practices can be taught, but that the best employees are those with the optimistic outlooks that can assist a company in meeting and exceeding its goals.