David Kiger Interviewed by Investment Underground

Since founding logistics provider Worldwide Express in 1995, David Kiger has frequently spoken to the press on the occasion of major announcements, award wins, and other newsworthy events. In April 2013, the website Investment Underground interviewed to David Kiger about how he started his company and how it competes against other firms in its field.

During the interview, Kiger touched on subjects ranging from the philosophical to the concrete. He discussed his preference for focusing on his company’s strengths and maintaining flexibility in terms of its business model. He also talked about the importance of positivity and finding employees who believe in Worldwide Express’ product, market, and strategy. And he offered his thoughts on employee autonomy.

Kiger also discussed some of the tougher moments in Worldwide Express’ history. The company got its start by partnering with the delivery business Airborne. Eventually, however, Airborne was acquired by DHL, and DHL cut Worldwide Express loose. Worldwide Express faced the prospect of folding, but, on the strength of its business model, it was able to strike a deal with UPS, which remains its delivery partner today. To view the interview in its entirety, visit http://tinyurl.com/pzltdkz.